Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our 7th Anniversary in Seaside, OR

My Favorite
I was excited to sit in a photobooth with Ty and Emmalee, but was beyond thrilled to see the strip of our photos come out. How cool! I will never forget this trip to Seaside. Everything (and I do mean everything) is so cool and impressive to a 3-year-old. We stayed at Sandy Cove Inn, two blocks from the beach. A really great deal considering we had a pretty spacious room and it was only $86 including tax! The day we arrived (Sunday) it was beautiful, and we did spend a couple of hours on the beach, but I wanted to relax and enjoy it so I left my camera behind. Therefor; no beach photos this time.
But who would have thought that spending one night at the coast would be so much fun? It was our first time in Seaside, and we were impressed. There is so much to do, especially with a 3 1/2 year old kid. Let's start with breakfast!

Pig 'N Pancake
Tylor was craving breakfast, so we went to Pig 'N Pancake for the first time. We got a great seat in a booth by the window on Broadway.
Coloring her menu, and showing it off. She ordered her first 'pig in a blanket'.

Seaside Carousel Mall

You can imagine how much Emmalee enjoyed riding the carousel.

We went to a hat store in the Carousel Mall (Seaside Mostly Hats)
and tried on a bunch of silly hats:

Necanicum River and Quatat Park
Balancing with her airplane arms out. She practices her gymnastics any chance she gets.
Checking out the bumber boats and paddle boats. It's the one thing we didn't do.
But we've got to save something for next time, right?Making some strange serious poses for the camera.
We spent lots of quarters and played lots of games.
Daddy tried one game and one the jackpot (150 tickets).
Emmalee got to trade in almost 300 tickets for some candy and (of course) a princess tiara.

Chocolate-Covered Twinkies!
No, we didn't get any, but aren't they colorful?
Riding in Seaside on a Surrey

Looks fun? Well it's not easy! We sure got a work out, but Emmalee loved it. We rented this surrey from Wheel Fun, and it was 'wheel' fun! We rode it up and down Broadway and near the beach, but unfortunately you can't ride them on the promenade. That was a bummer to find out.

Emmalee thought we were going fast! The whole time she sat up in the front shouting, "Wooo! WOOHOO!" Then, she realized people would look at us. She turned around and said, "Hey Mom, when I say 'woohoo' then people look at me." She sure got a kick out of the attention from the public.

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Nana said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! What a fun trip. Did you guys play on the beach at all? There's no beach pics.